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Weiss Kreuz: “We Are Very Pretty”

Weiss Kreuz, also known by its American title of “Knight Hunters” or the direct translation of the title which would be “White Cross”, has been out on DVD in America for a while now, and fansub-watchers have known about it for years now. I still can’t tell if this show is for real or not.

It’s the story of four young guys. Who work in a flower shop. Who are very angsty in a stylish sort of way. Who also happen to be impossibly extreme pretty boys. Who also happen to be assassins by night. Every day, adoring schoolgirls crowd the flower shop, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite flower-tending bishonen, blissfully unaware of their favorite crush’s double life as a grisly assassin for justice.

With a storyline like that, you know it’s either going to be very good, or very bad. Actually, it manages to be both at the same time. I watched volumes 1 through 5, and the stories were all predictable and straight out of B-movies; full of sacrifice, drama, angst, betrayal, and bishonen. The animation ranged from “really bad” to “not too bad”, although the still shots of our heroic (yet angst-ridden) heroes were usually drawn with nice detail.

All of this added up to be sort of entertaining in a low-budget way. This is some of the best cheesy anime I’ve seen… or maybe it’s some of the worst serious anime I’ve seen. Either way it was kind of fun, but I don’t know if I’m really tempted to hunt down the next volume or not!

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