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Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is an animated update of the old pirate movie that combines the swashbuckling, high-seas adventure of the original with a far-flung future where intergalactic travel is an everyday thing. The fusion of the two settings worked suprisingly well, with menacing cyborg pirates and huge sailboats sailing through the stars.

While not totally devoid of sappy moments, Treasure Planet largely avoids over-sentimentalizing and over-moralizing and instead focuses on non-stop action and thrills. There's plenty of typical Disney elements in there, but the whole thing felt rather un-Disney, with even a little bit of very (again, I said,very) mild sexual innuendo between two of the characters.

This was one of the most suprisingly good movies I've seen in a very long time. I was expecting a so-so sickly sweet typical Disney flick. Instead, Treasure Planet was a great, good-looking adventure movie, with characters I genuinely liked. In fact, I actually liked all of the characters, and even the "comical Disney sidekicks" actually made me laugh and smile instead of fight my urges to stab the movie screen with a large pointy object, like Eddie Murphy did in Mulan.

I couldn't help but be reminded of a couple of Japanese sources in this movie- the scenes of sailboats battling and flying through the air looked like they were taken straight out of the Dreamcast/Gamecube game, Skies Of Arcadia. And of course, any story of old-fashioned ships flying through space has to make you think of Leiji Matsumoto's works like Yamato (Star Blazers) and Captain Harlock. That's not really a diss on the movie, though- it was a great time. I want to see it again.

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