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GBA- Link to the Past

I picked it up this past w/e. This game is everything I remember, and moreso.

For one, Capcom worked with Nintendo to port this, and I beleive some of the sound f/x in game have changed. (For the better so far.) As well as the addition of a 2nd game: Four Swords.

I have yet to try Four Swords, but there is one thing I can say: I like the look of the "new" Link on the GBA. Swords uses the newer model thats in the upcoming GC version, and 2D, I think he looks nice. (Compared to 3D cel-shaded where I think he's utter crap.) Swords needs 2-4 players, hence why I have yet to try it out.

If your in the mood for some old skool gaming, I suggest picking up Link to the Past and finding out just why Zelda is as popular as it is. It was this game that did it folks.

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