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Ebichu, The Housekeeping Hamster

I don't know if we've mentioned this anime series before, but even if we did it certainly bears repeating. At first glance, Ebichu looks like something for kids. It stars a cute hamster who bears an uncanny resemblance to Hamtaro, and is animated in a childlike style.

You'll need to toss the kiddies out of the room before watching this series, though! Oh, my god, you really need to put them in another state. Ebichu is one of the filthiest and funniest anime series I've ever seen, with a filthiness rating that falls just short of actual porno hentai. Centered around the housekeeping hamster Ebichu, her sex- and companionship-starved owner ("Office Lady", or "OL") and her useless bum of a boyfriend, the stories mostly involve OL's sex life. OL and her boyfriend are self-centered, miserable people who constantly argue and have their, um, lovemaking interrupted by Ebichu in various, humorous ways- which usually results in the painfully cute and clueless Ebichu being beaten to a pulp.

I've showed Ebichu to at least thirty people and they've all had the same stunned initial reaction, followed by amazed laughter and pleas to show them more episodes. Sadly, given the nature of this show, the odds of it ever being released outside of Japan are pretty slim, and the fansubbers apparently stopped subbing it after episode 10. You'll probably grow old waiting for it to be released over here, so my advice is to either learn Japanese and buy the originals or download the fansubbed episodes. This is something to see at all costs.

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