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Chobits, Volumes 1-3 of the Graphic Novels

Ah, how I do love Christmas presents. This was one of the two graphic novel series my dad picked up for me for Christmas. If you haven't read Chobits yet, what are you doing sitting here and reading this? Go on, shoo, go buy it, now before it's too late!! Ok maybe that was a little over exaggerated, but Chobits really is one of the great newer anime's out there. So far everyone I've spoken to who's read or watched it has completely fallen in love with it (the tv series is available on fansub currently and will be released in America on DVD starting March 11th...but anyway...I'll save that long rant for my review of the tv series).It started as the little known thing at my anime club, where one of our regulars lent her volume 1 copy to each of us one at a time until we had all read it. We all loved it and couldn't wait for her to get more. Currently Volumes 1-3 are available in stores. Like most of my beloved graphic novels, it is released by TokyoPop, and that means as usual, it's printed the original right to left format and sells for a cheap 10 bucks, a price you can't beat when you're a starving otaku running out of money fast. Now for the actual review:
With a cast of characters like these, you can't go wrong. You've got, Chii, the incredibly adorable, downright huggable and can't beat cutable Persocom that Hideki, a ronin who's cramming to retake college entrance exams, finds in the trash one day while walking home. Perscoms are really expensive and normally Hideki would never be able to afford one, so it does indeed seem to be his lucky day. So he takes her home and after much trouble manages to turn her on...but all she can say is Chii. Needless to say, when Hideki tries to figure out a name for her, Chii is what she gets stuck with.
Through much trials and with the help of Shimbo, a classmate of his, Miss Hibiya, the landlady at Hideki's apartment building, along with Minoru, a Persocom genius youngster and his favorit

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