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Chobits, Volume 1 (TV Series)

This won't be released in the US until March...but I have it on fansub and since I've watched the first four episodes (which is what they will be putting on that first dvd) I figured I'd give you guys a little taste of what to expect.
For those of you who are fans of the manga, like I am, it follows that story line pretty closely, and whenever it changes from the manga you can always tell that it was for better not for worse. The first example I can give you is that in the manga it starts off and Hideki's already got a job, he's already living in the city and going to cram school, etc etc. Well in the tv series, he starts off in his home on the farm with his cow and then he goes to read the mail and discovers he's failed his entrance exams. So then he goes and moves to the city, enrolls in cram school, and eventually looks for a job. That little bit of background information there really does make it a more solid beginning as you can understand where he stands on having no clue about Persocoms (read my review about the Graphic Novels to understand more about this). Another slight variation is that while in the Graphic Novel Shimbo lives in a different building than Hideki, in the TV series, he lives not only in the same apartment building, but the same floor as well. This also makes for a good change story wise as it allows them to be introduced before beginning cram school. In the Graphic Novels, you never do learn how they became friends, you just know Shimbo as his friend from cram school.All in all I'd definitly have to say that it does the book justice, and then adds on to it and makes you love Chobits even more. You can't beat that adorable "Chii" sound that the voice actress makes, the Opening "Let me Be With You" and Ending "Raison D'Etre" songs are super adorable as well. Of course on top of all that, watching Chii move, interact and talk with everyone in actual motion, sure is a lot cuter than the Graphic Novels where she's j

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