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End of Evangelion

As I had hoped, I did indeed get the DVD of EoE for Christmas. I had already seen it about 4 years ago in the days of it being a fansub still then. For the most part it seems about the same, but after watching it with commentary, I did notice that there were some subtle differences that I had thought were odd when watching- namely, in certain spots where grotesque things happen, they added an even more sickening sound to add to the level of disgust you get when watching it. This was only for a few things, but still it is noticeable.
The subtitles seemed pretty accurate, as for the dubbed, I only watched a few scenes of it dubbed, but while watching the show with commentary, the whole thing is dubbed in the background, even though you can barely hear it when the commentary is on. I will eventually watch it all the way through with the dub since the voice actors and actresses they used all have pretty decent voices to listen to.Anyway, for those of you who have never seen this before, there really isn't much I can say about it without ruining it for you. I can say this much though- don't expect to understand it any better than you understood the end of the tv series...this will probably even leave you more confused that that did. If at the end of watching it, you are left staring at the screen trying to figure out what the hell just happened, then the mission has been accomplished. I have yet to come across anyone who wasn't at the least mildly disturbed by this two part ending. Regardless of how disturbing it may be though, I honestly do believe that it is one of the best pieces of animation ever. Hmm...well I think the most of a spoiler I'll give you is one without names- _____ is brutally killed, ______ is shot and then exploded, _____ jerks off in front of _______'s body, _____ watches _____ and ______ have sex, ______ shoots _______, _______ merges with _________ and helps cause the _____ _______ using ______, and _______ _____ explod

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