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I'm writing this review after getting quite pissed off with Amazon. I've ordered from them since they went on line a few years back. I've always found them to be pretty decent, and when I had any issues, I was always able to call right in and get them solved very quickly. (Even via email they had quick response times.)

Well, I've been noticing that when I make orders anymore with them...they tend to have a large wait time. Especially pre-orders on Games/DVD's. To make things worse, they've even removed any vestiage of a customer support number to boot. I had to hunt on Google to even get one to call them in regards to my most recent order...of just two games. I ordered Panzer Dragoon Orta and DOA:X. Both were pre-ordered over 15 days in advance.

Orta is the only one of the two out, but its already going to be over a week late. They claimed everyone had stock problems with it, and that it was a big mess. Going to the mall or even showed differently. I even found out a few of my friends who ordered on the day it came out from Amazon, got it in already. W.T.F. After hearing this, Cass and I send them an email through their support system asking what the delay is, and what they will do to correct it and telling them of what I found. I got a cut and paste response back. (At the same time, we found out that they now had a shipping date of 15-34 days past the release on DOA:X)

Finally we called them at: 800-201-7575. The woman refused to speak with me. She instead spoke with Cass. (Even though my CC was used to pay for the shipping and confirmation.) End result: They are refunding my shipping, but not upgrading it even. (Which many online sites do for delays.) The coming via a gift certificate. Blah...keep me stuck in their system more. I told Cass I'm cancelling DOA:X and I'll just pre-order it tonight at Babbages where I know I can get it on-time. And I plan on never shopping at Amazon unless I

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