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More Marmalade Boy (You Can Never Get Enough)

I finally got caught up on my graphic novel reading, and have now read up to volume four of Marmalade Boy. Who ever thought that something so high school soap opera-esque, could be so addictive? Cliffhanger after cliffhanger, I find myself eagerly awaiting each following chapter, and then of course getting upset when I get to the end of a book and realize the next one isn’t available yet.

Of course though, this is when the true Otaku in me stands out, and I search for information about what happens next. What do I stumble upon in my search? None other than unofficial translations of the scripts, with complete descriptions of what’s going on in each picture. They take a while to read through, but if you’re really eager to know what happens next, they’re definitely worth it.

The real graphic novels are the best way to go though overall, as the artistry is very beautifully done, and keeps improving from novel to novel. So trust me on this, if you like shoujo graphic novel’s, this one is definitely a keeper. Wataru Yoshizumi has done a magnificent job, and the best part- in only 8 graphic novels you can collect the entire set; and with TokyoPop selling them at a base price of only 10 bucks a pop, it won’t cost you a ton to keep up with collecting it!

Currently only volumes
are available in the US. If you care to read the unofficial translations of the rest of the volumes, I’d recommend going
, they’re all in txt format, so be warned that it may bother your eyes after reading a lot of it.

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