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Atari 2600 Porn (Putting The "Booty" In "BootyProject"!)

HeyJoe sent me a link to an article discussing some of the worst games of all time: porn games. Which, paradoxically, are some of the best games at the same time. What I'm really trying to say here is that my mind is too blown by Atari 2600 porn to really make a coherent post here. Anyway, here's a picture of a game where the object is for a guy to [ahem, ahem] off of a rooftop and into the mouths of waiting, pixelated, naked women.

It's not all Atari porn though- other games are covered, such as the infamous Boon-ga Boon-ga, an arcade game where you violate people's rear-ends with a special controller. Obviously there's a bit of nudity on those pages, but if you needed to be warned of that you should stop being afraid of naked people and should probably get off of the Internet as soon as possible for the sake of everybody involved!

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