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Weekend Gaming Update!

This was my first full weekend of XBox ownership. My initial impressions of it are very good. What a powerful system! I didn't plan it this way, necessarily, but all five of the XBox games I own are Sega games. The system came with Jet Set Radio Future and Sega GT, I bought Panzer Dragoon Orta new, and picked up Gun Valkyrie and Soccer Slam for cheap since they were used.

Panzer Dragoon Orta owns me. What an amazing game. The graphics, art design, and game play are outstanding- there are no weak spots in this game. Unlike a lot of shooters, there's a ton of variety to the gameplay. You really have to move and think in three directions, because things will attack you from behind and from the sides and figure out the best times to use each of your dragon's three forms.

Soccer Slam is a nice surprise. I picked this up after remembering how Penny Arcade had some good things to say about it, especially in multiplayer mode. It's a soccer game in the vein of NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, or NHL Hitz. The action is 3-on-3 and full of brawling and Shaolin Soccer-style special moves. I'm not sure how fun this would be when playing alone, but this is probably one of the most enjoyable party games you'll find. If you spend any time gaming with friends this is a strong addition to your library.

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