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Metal As Fuck

Best band ever.

Norwegian death metal band MAYHEM were involved in one
of the most bizarre rock accidents last night (March 9)
when a flying sheep's head fractured a fan's skull.

Lead singer Maniac was carving up a dead sheep as part
of the stage act in Bergen when the animal's head flew
off, striking Per Kristian Hagen, 25.

According to Metro, Hagen was recovering in hospital
last night and said: "My relationship with sheep is a
bit ambivalent now. I like them, but not when they come
flying through the air. I have a headache now."


Mayhem, whose songs include 'Necrolust' and
'Deathcrush', are no strangers to controversy. In 1991,
lead vocalist Dead "lived" up to his name when he
committed suicide. Drummer Hellhammer then made a
necklace using some of the skull's fragments and
guitarist Euronymous reportedly cooked and ate pieces
of Dead's brain.

Euronymous was stabbed to death two years later by the
band's bass player Count Grishnackh, allegedly due to
the fact that Euronmyous had a more "evil" reputation.

Thanks to chuckmeehan and fivestring for the news and links.

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