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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

I haven't played a MK game since the days of 2/3. I was never a huge fan of the game, I just enjoyed seeing some of the "finishing" moves. (Babalities, friendships, fatalities, etc.)

I rented Deadly Alliance to see how the game has evolved, and was pleasantly surprised. Its been upgraded to a 3D engine, and looks pretty spiffy. There is lots of the tell-tale blood from the serious, a ton of cheap moves, and some animations. This game rivals others in the sheer amount of items to unlock as well.

Some of the bad sides? The most noticable thing would have to be the character models. They have almost no "non-static" states. Take a look at Dead or Alive, or Soul Calibur. If the character is not being moved, they usually have some form of other movement, from drunken ambling, to the movements of the preying mantis style. MK in contrast, is very stiff. The characters go from moving forward/back to stock still in a second. The most animated you see them is on face gouges. (They dance around blinded.)

All in all, its a nice novelty game to play. I'd have to give it 2.5 pimps!

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