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Anarchy Online...

I recevied an email to try and rejoin the game recently. I had first tried AO when it hit the shelves, and it was horrid. It was nothing like Funcom's previous attempts at good games. The interface wasn't thrilling, even though it did have some nice features, the gameplay was almost non-existant and it had horrible lag and crash bugs.

They offered me a free month to try again though, and the ability to download the cd online. Ok, what they heck...

Man, so far, its been an interesting trip. I've had a lack of time to play it fully due to my b-day coming up and my daughter's first just passing, as well as being on the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne beta...but it nice.

They've streamlined the story, added animated movies to go with the game's story as it advances and even completely changed the whole "Newbie" experience. Its almost like trying a diff. game! If you want to check it out head over to: Anarchy Online's website and click the: Free seven day trial! button on the lower left.

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