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Arjuna, Volume 1

I watched this myself a few weeks ago and this week I will be showing it to my anime club. It really is something. At first it starts off and you think it's just going to be about her relationship with her boyfriend and her attempts to become a good archer. Then when things start taking off the plot kicks into high gear and a whole new dimension is thrown at you. The real eye catcher's here are the character design and computer graphics that are thrown so skillfully in. Character development is also a great aspect as every character you meet has depth beyond their outward appearance. In addition to the beauty, there is a point behind the entire show. That point being that humans are destroying our Earth and that something needs to be done about it. We can't be allowed to continue covering the planet we live on with such filfth and expect it to not have any reprecussions, this show proves that. Deffinitly a great series, I highly reccomend it.

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