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Wind Waker: My thoughts

I've had a few hours spread over two days to play the game. The first thing I have to say was that Link, looked so much better with the blue outfit/no hat. Other than that...

I'm frequently intrigued by the graphics and sound. Granted, after playing Zone of Enders 2, I'm not AS impressed as I would be, but they are amazing. As I've said, I don't necessarily like some of the character designs, but some of the things you see are downright hilarious and/or disgusting. The boy with the snot trail is an example of disgusting/funny, sometimes the expressions on Link's face can be hilarious too. If you lift something too large, or while your lifting a stone etc, pan the camera to his face. (Constitpation anyone?)

The game engine, so far, runs smoothly. The game uses similar tricks to Mario Sunshine to accomplish this. (and in turn does remind someone of Sunshine in aspect)
As for the story...the game takes place long after Ocarina of Time. Whereas other Zelda's have tried to claim that the hero in the game was the same, or that the game was taking place years later [Zelda II] this one has an all new hero. Whereas I have yet to see "Zelda" make an appearance, Ganon in fact has. (Apparantly, the Seals have now failed.)
As for the name of the game, I know people had questions as to why it was called Wind Waker? Well, just like OoT, its named for the most commonly used tool/instrument. The Wind Waker allows you to control the power of the Wind god to accomplish your deeds. Even this system is interesting as you no longer just follow set patterns to play, but you must get the correct beat pattern and input the commands at just the right time.
In short, so far I'm actually much happier than I thought I would be. Its been getting easier to accept the new Link more as I see some of what they've done with him. (Still, I'd love to see the old Link style back.) Try to just go in the water and come back out in 1st person mode to even see

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