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Wind Waker GBA connection

Cass and I were playing together last night with her controlling Tingle. All I can say is: "Wow."
Tingle uses the GBA connector to aid the player in the original quest. You can find a lot more money and some hidden items *only* with Tingle's help. Tingle can also aid in some of the pesky non-boss monsters as well as healing the player's health/mana! (granted, we haven't figured out healing yet...) Each comes with a rupee price though, so its definatly not free.

I have to admit, this feature is a welcome addition and gives the wife reasons to play the game with me now, as well as a distraction for the baby. There are some things I could have wished were a lil more fleshed out for Tingle, but in all its pretty sweet! 4 pimps!

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