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Dynasty Warriors 3

I've been playing Dynasty Warriors 3 which is pretty awesome. It's been out for ages, and Dynasty Warriors 4 was just released, but I found DW3 used for $25 so that's what I'm playing. First of all, if you played the bad Tekken clone known as "Dynasty Warriors" on the PS1, forget that game, this is totally different. I didn't play DW2 so who knows about that shit. Not me, that's who.

This third installment of the game is quite unique. The combination of several genres into one makes it unlike any game I've played before. You play the role of a bad-ass general in some Chinese feudal army. You fight on huge battlefields, as clashes take place between huge armies. Think of it as Streets of Rage or Final Fight combined with StarCraft. Friendly and enemy troops are organized into squads and while you can't order them around directly, they will usually follow you as you charge the enemy. Your allies are as numerous as the enemy (usually) and you will definitely need to rely on them to survive because you can't go it alone.

Action is extremely fast and furious. The battles can be real endurance tests and you'll be slashing away the entire time- one battle took about 45 minutes and I'd racked up close to 700 kills. I felt like a bit of a god as I slashed through ten or twelve enemy soldiers at once. It's a pretty tough game- I tend to die when I outrun my own army and wind up deep in the enemy ranks, alone, against an enemy leader and surrounded by his minions.

There's a lot to like about this game. The graphics aren't the best but they run smoothly and there's a ton of shit happening all at once, so photorealism isn't really important here anyway. The game imparts an amazing sense of being inside an actual battle. It's far from realistic, but the chaos of 50 soldiers fighting around you with each other is impressive. Also, depending on the character you choose to play as, you get totally different missions which is

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