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Oh Man, I'm So Racist!

I was walking across a parking lot today when a guy told me that I'd "better not try any of that racist shit"

I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or not. I'm not even sure if he knew who he was talking to. I looked around, kind of confused, and he helpfully told me that he wished he "was around during the slavery days" because he'd "kill any motherfucker that tried that shit on him"


This whole incident should have been scary, I guess, but it was mostly funny. I briefly thought about fighting him, since I was twice his size, but decided against it- although the mental image of me smashing a guy's head against the curb in order to convince him that I wasn't prejudiced against him is pretty awesome. "WANT SOME MORE, PUNK? BY THE WAY, I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE! YOU LIKE IVERSON? I LIKE HIM TOO... HE'S DOPE! DIE DIE DIE DIE"

For the record, he was black, I'm white, I've never seen him before in my life, and I'm not even remotely racist. I don't know if he was completely crazy or had just mistakenly thought I was somebody else in one of life's wacky little mishaps.

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