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Ah, vampires at their best. This show is great, definitly worth the time of day to watch it. Characters are not as shallow as they may appear, and development of each is gets you to cling to each of them so easily. Often times the show focuses on color scheming, and this is an artistical aspect that I found quite intriguing. One interesting aspect about plot would defintely be how they don't give you a full background behind the vampire aspect of it and instead you are just thrown right into the middle. This is quite possibly because the manga is still running and at the time of the tv series completion most of the questions and history still hadn't been answered in the manga either.
Only a short 13 episodes, and even readily available on US DVD's, it is definitly a must buy for any anime fan's collection. Of course though if you get hooked, the manga isn't readily available over here yet...
Hellsing - Complete Collection

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