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Read or Die

I recently watched this 3 episode stand along OVA series, and I must say, wow. I can now fully appreciate why everyone was so antsy to get their hands on the R.O.D. items we had at the charity auction at Anime Expo NY. It's a wonderful OVA. With two main female characters named "The Paper" and "Miss Deep" it is quite entertaining at all times (both of which are prounounced as close to English as the Japanese sounds will allow...i.e. "za pe-pa" and "mi-su di-pu")

Our main character, Yomiko Readman, codename: The Paper, is quite the interesting character for one simple reason: she's obsessed with books, to the point where it often seems like she's about to orgasm over various great book finding experiences. Her power, as implied by her name, is controlling paper. With this power she is one of the more feared characters out there, yet when enemies actually see her they often can't help to laugh as she doesn't put off that aura, her most common words to enemies in the series are "Book, please" (Hon, kudasai). Her partner Nancy Makuhari, codename: Miss Deep, has the lovely ability of being able to pass through any object / person (she can dive 'deep' into matter by changing her physical matter's density). Other interesting characters include Drake Anderson, who has the job of backing up The Paper (she's rather spacey when not focused on getting a book back) and Joker, who gives everyone from the British Library their orders.

With characters like these, and a beautifully drawn and animated art style, how can you go wrong? Plus the theme song, while only an instrumental, has a catchy spy-type tune. Honestly, you can't go wrong, and after you watch it, why not hunt down the manga- Read or Dream? I hear it's a rather quick seller in stores though... (and for those non-Japanese readers, it has no furigana, so kanji knowleged is essential) keep your eyes peeled!

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