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Finally got a chance to play MAX and I must say, it's quite pretty! On a more serious note, it's definitly nicer to have DDR upgraded to PS2 as the graphics are smoother (not that there are all that many graphics of complexity to begin with in DDR...but you know what I'm talking about). The holds are fun, if you watch what you're doing and don't miss any other steps while doing one of them. The flashing red makes me think that someone is dying when they start failing off (you know how it flashes? reminds me of a heart monitor or something). All in all, it's quite fun, and has a good score saving sytetem..minus the name entry for the high score page, I dislike that first attempt I ended up getting entered in as "CATM" instead of just "CAT". Fun stuff...though I probably won't buy it until I find it used somewhere, since buying lots of games costs money, and I don't have too much of that.

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