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Wandaba Style

Now that I have three episodes of Wandaba Style under my belt, I'll make a few comments on it. We start out with a group of four girls (and their manager) working to become an idol group called Mix Juice. They are failing miserably (and usually in ways involving fanservice) so their manager hires them out to a young scientist attempting to get a person on the moon....without using fossil fuels. Together, the scientist and his robot assistant try to help the girls get noticed as an idol group while the girls help the scientist test all his wacky theories of how to get into space.
Wandaba Style is very funny, but filled with fanservice. I think I've seen more panty shots and near-nudity in these three episodes than I have in most 26 episode series. Not that that is a bad thing. Each instance is rather humerous, since the girls don't WANT to get naked but often have to because they "will do anything to sing." I hope the show develops a little more of a plotline and doesn't end up as a series of wacky plots and panty shots. At this point, I'm still very optimistic!

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