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D.N. Angel

Mmm....yummy graphics, I think I'm in love. If you're not sure whether or not you will like this series, watch the opening scene and that should do it. That's what did it for me. I had downloaded just the first episode and decided to see if it looked interesting at all, so I started playing it. After seeing that opening fight scene, I was hooked, so I watched the rest...and then downloaded the other episodes currently available online. (BitTorrent is a holy thing, you all should use it to download fansubbed anime).D.N. Angel is about a 14 year old named Daisuke, whose fate is to be the carrier of the spirt of the phantom thief Dark. What's especially interesting about the series is that while you may think that Dark is the bad guy of the series, he does everything for good reasons, usually to seal something evil. Meanwhile, the lighter angel, is actually the bad guy...who would have guessed? Character design is beautifully done, and I'm happy with all the Japanese voices. The twin girls in the series are also quite interesting as while you'd think they aren't important, they always end up playing some important role.Definitly a great series, I highly reccomend it. Try to search for places to download it through BitTorrent.Update: It has recently been licensed, so finding it online is becoming very hard now...

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