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Momoiro Sisters

Momoiro Sisters is a series of 24 5-minute anime shorts. Only the first 12 are available via fansub right now.
The show revolves around the life of two sisters, Momoko and Sakura. (There is a third sister, but she usually plays a 'narrator' role by walking past with a sign explaining something or showing a passage of time.) Sakura is the eldest sister. She's a 20-something office lady (OL) and frequently relates just about everything to sex. Momoko, on the other hand, is a senior high school student and a virgin. (Yes, that is somewhat important to the basic plotline of the show.)
While most episodes start out pretty tame, eventually they all end up about sex in some way. In one episode, one of Momoko's classmate complains about hemorroids that she evidentally got from anal sex. In another, a co-worker at Sakura's office is having problems because her breasts are so large.
So far, I have watched 11 episodes and they're pretty funny. A majority of the sex talk is done in a humerous manner, which usually means someone ends up embarrassed. While it's not as funny as Ebichu, it's definitely worth checking out. Now, the first 2 or 3 episodes are pretty slow, but it picks up from there with actual storylines instead of just jokes at someone's expense. And at 5-minutes per episode, you can easily breeze through these in under an hour.

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