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Wario Ware

If you have a Game Boy Advance, then perhaps you have seen this little spazz of a game sitting on the shelf waiting to be purchased. It combines many, many older games into little mini games. The whole of Wario Ware has one key point to being a good player. Figure out the objective of each mini-game within seconds, and complete it within those seconds you are given to beat it with. Each mini game lasts about 5 seconds or so, which really keeps you on the tip of your toes paying attention. Old school gamers may recognize many of the minigames and where they came from, which could help if you're needing to get through an area where time is a factor. The more levels you beat and the better you beat them, the more people and full versions of mini games you can unlock.Quite possibly the most addictive and crazy thing I've ever seen for any of the Game Boys. Best of all, it's already available on emulator format. I'm honestly not sure how much the game itself costs, as I was introduced to it on the emulator version, but hey, if you want to carry around something that is guarenteed not to bore you. But be warned! Games range from things as classic as old Nintendo games to stuff as zany as one where you must help a princess sniffle her dripping snot back into her nose. These are things which make it all the more fun to play.

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