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Shoujocon 2003 Convention Report

By DJ Ranma S –

Well as a third year vet to this con, I hoped to have seen some new things as well as old things too. What’s new you ask? The new location of the hotel. It was quite roomy and spacious. As for what’s old; the great staff from last year.


Well for me, I didn’t get to the con officially until 6PM. Why? I was stuck at work and I had to go back home and grab my camera. When I got to the hotel, I was like, “Where is everyone?” But no worries anyway, all of the events went off without a hitch. “Name that Shoujo Song” was tough but fun. I won a Spirited Away poster for having known a few titles, plus being a crazy guy. The videogame room was small, but there was new shoujo games such as the Sailor Moon puzzle games, X fighting game (built off of the Psychic Force 2012 game for DreamCast), and Para Para Paradise. The room was eventually closed due to everyone’s jumping on the DDR pads.


I got up early and walked around. Same amount of people. I had hoped to see more people come out. I didn’t. I participated in the DDR Perfect Attack tourney. I did well, he he he. I ended up participating in the Cosplay with a few other friends on a crazy, spur of the moment skit. We placed third, yay! There was the traditional dance, but that started like a half hour late. The dance I felt was so much better than the Otakon rave because there was more anime/pop music than your traditional techno.


Well things dwindled down to literally nothing. I left around 2PM to be at work at 4. I passed out flyers, snapped more pictures basically. When I got home, I found out that I came in third place in the hall contest for staff. Whoot!

Overall Thoughts:

Well, I was expecting 1000 people, but only 600 showed. The Shoujocon mascot didn

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