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Final Fantasy X-2 : Revisited

Dress Spheres. Dress Spheres. Dress Spheres. I can't seem to get enough of it! After playing it for over 20 hours, now, I have decided that this game deserves a 2 thumbs up. So lets review!


The game takes off 2 years after Sin's defeat. Spira is going through the Calm but problems start arising when Yuna finds a sphere and she sees a man who looks like Tidus screaming behind a jail cell. So she joins the Gullwings on a search for more spheres to find clues on where she can actually find him. (cliche? :P maaaybe) As Yuna finds spheres, more questions seem to everyone connected somehow?


For those of you who love FFX, this game will make you revisit everything. Characters like Yuna, Lulu, Wakka, Elma, Lucil, Rikku, Brother, and more are back in action. Although the characters from the previous game gives it a nice nostalgic feeling, new characters brings like to the game. Characters such as Paine, Gippal, Nooj, Baralai, and Le Blanc.


The gameplay for this game is awesome. It's fast paced and definitely waits for no one. The different dress spheres symbolize the different classes and with that, LOTS of different abilities. One would wonder just how many there are. However, if you miss a dress sphere, there is always another chance to get it in the next game!

Graphics - Visual Appeal

GORGEOUS. I nearly feel over when Yuna transformed into her Floral Fallal Dress Sphere. Booty was stunned as well. Even though PS2 has significantly disappointed me in the last couple of months, this game takes the cake. The only problem is that when transforming into the final costumes, the system likes to skip. I'm sure a lot of people are wondering about this but then again...can you blame it? It came out on the PS2 for all I care -- it can be overlooked.

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