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Argento Soma

I saw this anime a while back ago and I thought it was very impressive. I've never really heard anyone talk about this series because I heard that it was not "well-liked" but I found it quite the contrary. This has to be one of my favorite anime series to date.


The story starts out with three scientists who were trying to ressurect the strange mecha that fell from space. Unfortunately, the experiment went berserk and the whole facility fell apart. The leading character, Ryu Soma's last image was of that "monstrosity" reaching towards the woman he loves. He wakes up a few weeks later and realized that the accident left him with a very distinct scar -- half his face was "scarred" (although I think it's kinda hot) and he had lost the woman he loves. He decides to swear vengence against the monster that did this -- so he joins the alient interception team called FUNERAL. There, he meets a little girl named who resembled his lost love.


When I first saw the character designs, I couldn't stop pointing out that they had no noses!!! I was freaked. In profile, they had noses...but for straight view, they had none...that bothered me for a while, then I realized that I started to like that style VERY MUCH. Each character has their own unique trait and distinct character design. This was probably the first time I saw a very mixed crew. There is everyone of all races in this anime -- and it was a relief to me.


The soundtrack for this anime is very sad -- even though there are a lot of "suspenseful" military music, there was the opening song, Silent Wind, that caught my attention the most. It was very peaceful yet I felt that something more was there, besides the peaceful visage. But overall, I love the soundtrack too.

DA's Comments

People keep mistaking this for a sad effort to be like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but

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