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Guest Review: Initial D

We have a guest review today! Juice was kind enough to review the anime series (and movie, and game...) Initial D for us! Juice writes:

"I was introduced to Initial D From the arcade game Initial D: Arcade Stage Two (they recently Came out with an Initial D: Arcade Stage Three). When i began this series the first few episodes were a bit dull and slow, but still I watched more and more. Having finished the series, I am impressed beyond belief.

Initial D is about a mountain racing team that challenges other teams all over Tokyo. I don't really know any other way to explain Initial D, but Mountain Racing is only half the story. There is more of a side plot to it.

The series takes place in Tokyo and is about a high school student named Takumi that has been delivering tofu in his father's 86 since he was a junior high student. Five years have passed and there is a racing team named the Speedstars that has formed on the same route that Takumi has driven on the past 5 years. Takumi doesn't seem to take much interest in the team, but continues to improve his skills. Around that time another racing team comes to challenge the Speedstars to a downhill mountain race on Akina Mountain. Takumi, having met one of the challengers while delivering tofu, decides to take part in the race. Tension builds up as the series progresses and Takumi earns respect and gains honor from defending the Speedstars. Saying anything else would be ruining the series. The sideplot shows more about the life of Takumi and how he comes more and more into street racing. It also shows his relations to other racers and his relationship to a girl named Mogi that has a side job of being an *ahem* escort service.

Initial D is a bit longer than most anime, having 39 episodes, 1 special, a movie, and a recap DVD. Initial D is broken up into stages, having certain number of episodes per stage. Each stage has a bit different story line from each other. The stages

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