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O2Jam Review

O2JAM is an online music game. It Is Very different from the existing music games that only allow you to play alone, this game allows you to jam music together with friends, compete against opponent bands, and gain experience to level up. Not only that, you can use the points that you earnt to buy items and musical instruments to enhance your avatar.

This game is similiar to the arcade game Beatmania. So any of you who are fans of Bemani or are just intrested in a new music game will love O2Jam

First Impressions:

Wow...Wow...Wow. This game is everything i thought it could be. Everything about this game rocks from the music, to the interface.

My only gripe with this game is getting started. First you have to make an account on the website ( ). Once you get to the part where they send you the Code and Password to activate your account Guess What...The link is dead. This means you have to e-mail the company and wait a day for their reply to get your code and password.

Another problem with this game is how long it takes to download. It is a 100 MB file but since the servers are so slow downloading takes about 2 hours. After that you have to patch which takes about 30 minutes assuming the server isint down which it msot likely is. Then once you actually get in the game you have to download some extra songs if you want the full experience and each song takes about 30 minutes to download...yes 30 minutes

(Note: You can only run this game from the website, trying to execute the .exe file will result in the message reading Cannot Execute)

I give O2Jam 3.5 out of 4 Pimps. This game could have easily gotten a 4/4 if it had just gotten rid of all these problems, and had the server run faster. The beginning process is a pain in the ass but after you are rewarded with a fun music game that will never get boring

Once again the website is

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