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The Galaxy Railways Review

Well, I guess first off I have to admit that I am a total fan of Leiji Matsumoto, ever since I was a young child running home to catch Star Blazers/Yamato. Then later, I was a fan of Harlock, and Galaxy Express 999, as well as Emeraldas and her flying pimp blimp ship. (How crazy was that thing?!?!)

So now Matsumoto has created another part to his railway litterd universe, with the Galaxy Railways series (Ginga Tetsudo Monogatari). This series also focuses on the Galaxy Express Railway, but on the Space Defense Force.

So far, I've only seen the first 4 episodes, but form what I've seen, I didn't wait to start bit torrenting the other 4 that are out there. This show is great! Now, mind you, it IS a Leiji Matsumoto piece, so of course, if you've watched any of his other films/series, then alot of the plot points and themes will not surprise you, but I can guarante that you will enjoy it. The series is a perfect example of his mastering of the heroic male drama genre. The characters are tall, thin, stoic, and if they're female, then they've got crazy long hair all the way down to their asses!

The story centers around Manabu Yuuki, a cadet in the SDF who follows his father and brother into the force, there's also Layla Destiny Shula, she runs the entire Galaxy Express from planet Destiny. She's able to see the whole of time and space, and every persons own fate - so of course, she cries a lot. The story is pretty heavy with drama and bravery, as well as centering around the idea of one's own fate laying within one's own hands. Not a new concept in anime, but some of the twists that the series has thrown so far are really good.

The series is also going to somehow tie the whole of Matsumoto's universe together by interweaving Harlock, Galaxy Express 999 and Emeraldas into the storyline. No idea if Yamato will make it in there, but then again, I think that existed as a seperate universe anyway.

Editor's Note: Harlock and Yamato were always supposed to exist in the same universe, but never really managed to. Originally the first season of Yamato was supposed to have more episodes, and they were going to meet Harlock on the way back from Iskandar, but the number of episodes go reduced. Also, for the last 20 years or so, the Yamato property has been tied up in legal battles between Matsumoto and Nishizaki (the producer) so Matsumoto hasn't been able to use it. Some Yamato crossovers may have actually made it into manga; I'm not sure... -Booty

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