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This comic is fucking hysterical! How I stumbled on it is still not too clear to me, but you do normally find the coolest shit on the web by stumbling onto it.

Anyway, this is an up-down format comic strip created by Josh Lesnick. Now, first things first, the boy can draw! You know what I mean, there are just a TON of online comics, and some are OK, but most are just crap. But Girly is REALLY REALY REALLY well done. I mean, he's got the style nailed down.

The story is actually a sequel to Cute Wendy, but it's not necessary to read one to get the other. The plot follows Girly, who is beautiful, and mainly hates people. So she blasts them into space. (We love her already!) Then one day, she meets winter, and is told that she is Winter's new sidekick. Hilarity ensues. There's a criminal madman with a magic tongue, a witless detective, a pretty boy cop, a super hero named Captain Fists and an onslaught of elephants!!!! is the site, check it out!

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