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Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles

The story starts out where the world is covered with a dangerous substance, called miasma, that can kill a person unless that person has a chalice with a crystal that protects you from that “gas”. (Sounds like a bad bathroom commercial) The main goal of the people is to find the “dew” to cleanse their town of this miasma. Several caravans are dispatched around the world to look for the dew – some come back and some don’t. To make the situation worst, there’s a rumor about a Black Knight going around the world attacking caravans! What are the poor people of the world to do?

You have 4 different races to choose from. After that, hair types are chosen and what class you want your family to be in. To tell you the truth, I found this to be a super awesome feature. You can make as many characters as you want to go on the journey! :P But …. You can only use one – so if you want, you can alternate them.

AAH, the story. The story is so hard to follow sometimes and it makes you think that there is no story but there is! You just have to piece it together when reading your journal/diary in the game. If you’re looking for story – this game might not be the one for you, it’s really difficult to find the story. I mean…REALLY difficult.

Smooth. It kind of takes off from a more, Zelda, aspect but overall it’s more versatile. Casting spells and having the moogle combine magic with you really helps in battle. There are defending jumps to evade attacks and there are attacks that can be chained together to do more damage! YAY.

DA’s Comments?
MUAH. I luff you Crystal Chronicles! It’s easy going at times and super difficult at others – just remember, 2 heads are better than one! Have a friend play with you and it’s always more fun that way! :D That’s the best feature I’ve ever seen – but because of that, I give this game….A GOOD RATING.

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