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Fatal Frame II : Crimson Butterfly

What would you do if you’re lost in a village where there are no people around? Ghosts appear out of nowhere and you find chilling diary entries as you go along? Mio and Mayu are twin sisters that are unfortunate enough to wander into “All Gods Village”. Together, they fend off against ghosts with the mysterious Camera Obscura and frantically try to find the way out of this insane village – and what is this Crimson Sacrifice they keep reading about?

Tecmo always has a strange way of making super cute girls and you can’t help but feel bad for them because they’re so cute! I would never doubt the designing abilities of Tecmo’s leading women. Mio is, physically, the stronger of the twins and she is the one that carries the Camera Obscura. Mayu is, psychically, the stronger of the twins. Mayu’s inability to run makes it harder for Mio to run around – which adds to the suspense of the gameplay.

SCARY! EEEE… I mean, this is probably the most scariest games ever made – along with the first Fatal Frame. This is more of a psychological thriller instead of the “shock you out of your seat” thriller. I don’t want to spoil anything for the people who are purchasing this game but lets just say, the Crimson Sacrifice involves twins.

It’s sweet! Even though you don’t want to take a closer look of the ghost – you HAVE To. Zooming in and taking pictures of the ghost earns you points that can be used for a rating later on. The ghosts are eearily designed, especially that ghost you’ll see in the projection room! FREAKY! They are slow moving, so you have time to back up and move away and re-focus on the enemy. This game is slightly different because of the multiple target system that was been added. Upgrading your camera is vital to surviving the boss battles!

DA’s Comments
Don’t play alone! I was freaked as crap when I played this alone! Occasionally you see random ghouls floating past you in a hallway, then you see a ghost look at you though the door…or something like that! It’s totally awesome for a scare though but it sticks with you for a while. Personally, this was supa numba 1 scary! :D chuuu!!!

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