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New AIR album reviewed

Ahhh, to be French- the idyllic life of cafes, snapping photos on the avenue, and drinking coffee while nibbling away at some little confection. At least, that's the vibe that JB Dunckel and Nicolas Godin of AIR are giving in the inside cover of their new album Talkie Walkie. (1)

The album is actually AIR's third proper album, and sixth release in all, counting a soundtrack, collection, and remix album. The vibe is of course classicly laid-back and wholly representational of their trademark Sunday afternoon vibes. The moog and strings are still leslied and luscious, and the vocals are as always voxed and flanged.

This album is more of a return to lush and mellow orchestrations and experimentalism with 70's bachelor pads moogs than their previous endeavor, 10,000hz Legend. And truthfully, I'm more than OK with that. The album is full of rich tones, treated vocals and beautiful string arangements and marks an excellent return to form for the duo.

Tracks like Cherry Blossom Girl and the haunting Alone in Kyoto are two of the highlihgts of the album for me.

Check out their website too: for more tidbits, as well as some funky ass retro video interactions.

(1) the name of the album is actually not them being clever: Talkie Walkie is French for Walkie Talkie.

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