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Studio Ghibli gems to be re-released!!!

YAAAAYYYYY!!!! At long last Walt Disney will be re-releasing two of Miyazaki's most endearing works: My Neighbor Totoro, and the amazing Nausicaa on 2-disc DVD. The film Porco Rosso will also be released (sorry, I've never seen this one, so I don't know how it ranks compared to other Miyazaki films...) . The expected release date is August 31st of this year, with completely new vocal dubs and subs for each film

Apparently Disney was able to wrestle the rights away from Fox for Totoro, so they could re-release it. They also managed to secure Nausicaa from whoever the company was that imported it in the 80's and completely fucked it up it to become that piece if shit 'Warriors of the wind'.

I am blissfully happy with the Disney releases of Studio Ghibli's films, I cannot believe what an amazing job they've done so far, and now to see them bring the same level of competence and excellence to these three other remarkable films should make an anime fan's heart flutter!!

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