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Yawning Boy Causes Mass Destruction

Alright, incase you missed the game of tag between David Letterman, CNN, and The White House, here's what happened.

1. Bush gives speech in Florida where 13-year-old Tyler Crotty, son of major Bush fund-raiser Richard Crotty, yawns uncontrollably before nodding off right behind the President.
2. David Letterman airs the video on his show, rightfully making fun of Bush.
3. CNN airs Letterman airing the clip and laughs while explaining that The White House contacted them and told them that the film was definitely edited.
4. Letterman airs CNN airing Letterman airing the clip, and calls The White House liars straight up because he didn't edit no video, man.

Click the links to watch Tyler Crotty, aka Yawning Boy, stream from a news site that was dumb enough to put the two most requested videos in existence right now on their site for anyone to download. If those links are dragging, you can download the clips from another website that is dumb enough to host the files, here. I tried to convert them to a format that people actually use to watch media nowadays, but the converted files wouldn't play right. Here are clips from the original segment on Letterman and Letterman's reply to CNN in ultra-crappy RealMedia format.

The Original Video

Letterman's Reply to CNN

-Kudos to NerdySouth for the Story

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