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Planetes - Review

I started this anime off because I saw a picture of it in Newtype USA when they were writing about Sunrise Animation - home of Overman King Gainer, Gundam and tons of other great titles. So I got the first few episodes, and watched them. No robots, no gun fights, no super powers, not even psychic abilities...what was the hook? EXCELLENT storytelling!!! Seriously, I think that I'm a little too used to there being a hook, a gimmick or something to cement the storyline, so I was more than pleasantly taken with Planetes.

The storyline revolves around the fact that earth's orbital space has become crowded with bits of trash, trash that collides with space stations, space ships and satellites...therefore; it must be collected and disposed of. Tanabe Ai joins the technora company, and is assigned to the Haan (lowest) section to collect trash, her Senpai, Hachimaki, teaches her the ropes of collecting trash and debris. But along the way, there are kidnappings, love triangles, ninja's, accidents, cancer, and a certain space ship captain's quest to smoke a cigarette, even if it means fighting terrorists and saving the world to do it.

Planetes is so great because of its amazingly entertaining storylines and solid basis in reality. The attention paid to the details of space flight and survival are amazing (take a look at the promo to see how much attention was paid to those types of detail). The animation and CG graphics are all also top notch!! This one definitely goes in my favorite folder!!!

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