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Onimusha 3 : Demon Siege


Several years have passed since Nobunaga Oda was slain by the blade of Jubei Yagyu -- Unfortunately, Nobunaga has risen again to start his conquest to overrun the world with Genma. Samanosuke Akechi returns to finish the job once and for all. During the missions to raid Nobunaga's stronghold, Samanosuke gets transported into the future, 500 years after his time. He then meets Jacques, who, in turn gets transported to the past. So their adventure begins from there. Will they be able to save the world from Nobunaga and the Genma?


The Onimusha series has always impressed me with its controls. I really hate the Resident Evil "turn and run" control scheme, but for Onimusha I can deal with it. In Onimusha 3, you can use the conventional way of turn and run but you also have the option of using the analog. I feel that the analog is more useful at times because the bosses move much more frequently than they use to. They are faster and much more deadly, if not avoided properly. Let's just say, without mastering turn and run, you’re screwed. Also, instant kills seem to be harder to pull off in this game compared to Onimusha 2. Besides that, everything else is the same about Onimusha's control.


Samanosuke Akechi. No one can go wrong with that. Modeled after Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jean Reno as Jacques. There are also sub characters like Michelle, Henri, Ako, and some new foes like Ranmaru. The enemies have been recycled but improved a tad bit – so you won’t miss anything from the old games, really. Even that freaky Guildenstern is still there.

DA’s Comments

I have been such a fan of the Onimusha title since the first one. This game had me irked a bit but I got used to it and it’s just as fun as the previous titles. I still think Onimusha 2 is better – but that’s just my opinion! SO….GO GET IT IF YOU ARE AN ONIMUSHA FAN! GO GO, SHOO!

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