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Oshi's E3 Coverage - Sega Drops a Bomb

...And it turns out to be a dud.

Weeks ago, Sega announced that they would make an "explosive announcement" at E3 today. The speculations went rampant all over the internet! Could it be a new NiGHTS game? Are they working on Phantasy Star Online 2? Is my dream of a 3D remake of Sonic 3 & Knuckles coming to reality? Or could Sega possibly reentering the arena of console competition*? *GASP AND SHOCK*

Nope. Their "explosive announcement" was they signed a deal with Warner Brothers to publish The Matrix Online.


Okay, that's pretty damn cool, but quite lackluster compared to anything we were hoping for.

Thanks, Sega, for shattering our dreams. You better give us a new NiGHTS game for hyping us up like that.

*We at BootyProject still love and cherish our Dreamcasts. Thank you.

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