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Gameboy Advance Video

Now you can totally buy video cartridges of cartoons and such and watch them on your Gameboy Advance, regular or SP. has all the info on it, as well as a list of what you can get. So far it's pretty standard cartoon fare - SpongeBob, Sonic, Fairly Odd Parents, All Grown Up, etc. Mostly all Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon stuff. With the exception of Strawberry Shortcake - ooooh! The plan is apparently to offer movies at some point, as compression and storage move along.

The videos are full motion, take up the whole screen, and is controlled thru the d-pad and buttons. Each cartridge will play about 45minutes of video (although this may go up). There's no new hardware to buy (for once!), just the video cartridge.

Now, some of you may have uhm...'modded' your gameboy cartridges in a way, and want to know if you can flash you own video to play - here's that link

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