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I think I really do love Tecmo now...

This article over at IGN describes perfectly why I say this.

Essentially, Tecmo is releasing Ninja Gaiden 1.1. Its the version to be used in the online contest they have, but its also stand alone and can be played on your system just by starting a new game!

What's in 1.1?

New camera is probably the one thing that I think is the most amazing. Full 360 degree rotation control! Its also smart, so it stays locked on you!

New bosses, new enemies, new AI to make it even tastier.

And to top it off, the already VERY fast game is going to be going faster. Faster Ryu, faster weapons, faster enemies...ooooooooooh baby.

I think this is the grandest download planned on the history of Xbox live. The almost complete rework of the game's structure. The only thing not being added is new levels.

Tecmo...if you do new levels...I will follow you to wherever you take Ninja Gaiden...I promise. (Xbox 2, PS3, Booty's mom...)

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