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D Squared BANNED!!!

let me just give a small SHOUT AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS for congress finally doing something right in the world of tech and annoyances!

D Squared is the company that used the Windows Messenger feature to send out those HIGHLY annoying pop-up ads over the internet without using your browser. Now... the idea of the Windows Messenger was so that the IT person could send you all announcements and such over the network - outside of email. Well.. this company was sending out Ads over this feature, and it drove me fucking CRAZY!!!

Unfortunatly through the court order they are just forced to quit doing this practice, no fines no booboos - but they really should be strung up by their balls for the hours I have spent walking family members through the painful task of turning it off - mind you, none of my family can even set the VCR clock... so you can feel the pain, I'm sure.

Read all about this glorious ruling here!

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