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LL Cool J - I'm Bad

"I'm Bad" is one of LL Cool J's last battle-rap singles, and is not coincidentally one of the last completely awesome things he put out before devoting himself to having sex, talking about having sex, having sex while talking about sex, and asking girls to have more sex with him.

"I'm Bad" appears on his 1987 album, "Bigger and Deffer". "Bigger and Deffer" also spells out "B-A-D", one of the recurring themes of this single. The song begins with a snippet of radio conversation between police officers:
"Calling all cars, calling all cars. Be on the lookout for a tall, light-skinned brother with dimples. He's wearing a black Kangol, sweatsuit, gold chain and sneakers. Last seen on Forman Blvd headed East. Alias LL Cool J. He's BAD."
The police are concerned with his badness and, more alarmingly, his dimples. After the radio chatter fades, a sinister-yet-jaunty bassline begins and LL just completely slays it. I wish that rap still sounded like this. It sounded really good to me in 1987 and it sounds ever better today. If you don't like this song, you probably hate all black people.

I consider this song a rousing success because I was definitely convinced of LL's badness by the time it finished. One might term this a prima facie manifesto of badness. As they say on eBay, "A+ WOULD LISTEN AGAIN".

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