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Ultimate Baseball Online

This game is quite possibly the first ever MMOSPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Playing Game). UBO (Ultimate Baseball Online) is designed to bring the action, strategy, and culture of our national pastime to our fingertips.

Gamers begin by creating their own avatar, choosing their character's gender, appearence, and name. The game even allows you to specify if your avatar is left or right handed, and their own personal batting style.

Once in game two teams meet and compete against one another in a realistic baseball simulation, complete with 3D graphics and motion-caputred player animations. Locations can vary from famous stadiums, to sandlots. As you play you gain XP which can then be used to spend on different player attributes such as: hitting power, different kinds of pitches, running speed, throwing accuracy, and so on.

The sound in the game is amusing at first but then gets very dull and bland. Soon you will mute the sound alltogether to escape hearing the same five notes over and over again. As fun as this game may sound it still has its flaws.

One thing I did not like about this game is the fact that you can not join in the middle of a game. This is very inconvinient if you want to play but all the other games are all in the 1st out of 9 innings. Since this game is still a beta there are many bugs. Of course these bugs can become very aggrivating after a period of time, but the dev team has promised they will be straightened out before the official release in October.

The game is free for now since it is in beta but in October players are required to pay a small monthly fee. It is too early to say if this game is worth shelling out the green for since it is still in beta but one thing is for sure. UBO is a must-have for any baseball fan out there or someone who is looking to try something new.

You can download the game at

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