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That's right. 15 more strips till the finale of DUNE BUGGY at strip 50. Joseph and I talked about it and while it was a great run for the both of us, we felt that it was time to move on and try other projects.

But the ending of DUNE BUGGY will be well worth it as we're going to do a 5 part ender, epic in scope and still containing the lovable bathroom humor you've all come to be entertained/sickend by.

For those that have always hated DUNE BUGGY and have let us know, I applaud you. Even I sometimes like to smell my hand after I pick my ass.

The ending of DUNE BUGGY is going to have mechs, it's going to have more corpse fucking, and it's going to have a volcano. It's going to feel as if we sold out to the corporate big wigs at Jerry Bruckheimer films. Maybe someone might actually be wearing a Naruto headband in there somewhere, I don't know.

As always, the skies the limit with DUNE BUGGY as we write them out as we do them, so all that stuff I said about mechs and more corpse fucking and a volcano just a second ago might not even be there. I was totally just talking out of my ass. Don't ever believe a thing I say. When I say LESS TALKING MORE HUMPING, I actually mean NO TALKING ALL HUMPING.

Yeah, Dune Buggy is over. Be on the lookout for the upcoming "Otaku Booty Fiction."

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