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Hikaru's "Exodus" from potential US fandom

Hikaru Utada does not want to be famous in America.

That's the only logical conclusion I can come to after listening to her US debut. (Which will be released on October 5.)
I can imagine her managers and agents constantly reminding her about the untapped potential of the American music market.

"Come on, Hikki! We'll make millions!" they plead.
"Oh...if I have to.." she mutters. "Only if I can change my name and sing over old NES background music."
"Done and done!" her managers spooge.

And so was born EXODUS. Easily the most halfassed album she's released thus far.

Hikaru is a skilled English speaker, having learned Japanese and English simultaneously. Her English lyrics, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired; as most don't fit the beat of the song or are just simply out of left field. Her debut single "Easy Breezy" being a big offender here with the already-infamous chorus of "You're easy breezy, and I'm Japanesey!". I'm not even touching Track 11: "You Make Me Want To Be A Man"...

It's a sad time indeed, when the only song I like isn't even on her debut CD. A remixed dance track on the "Devil Inside" single dubbed the "Richard Vission Experience Mix" replaces the tinny DragonWarrior-esque backbeat with a thumping and addictive dance track, while cutting out most of the main chorus. Which leads to another curious trend on this CD...Most of the songs aren't that bad until the choruses kick in. None of them have that polished feel her past albums excelled in; and the accompaniment in each track sounds like it was hammered out on an old electronic keyboard set to "Polka 2". The original mix of Devil Inside in particular has a very Nintendo feel to it. While certainly making that track unique from what's dripping on the airwaves currently, it also makes it exceedingly boring.

Here's hoping she learns from her mistakes on her next release....if she has one...

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