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Clear Debate Victory for Kerry - Yet Media Clouds Issue

The debate last night was amazing and I've gone from feelings of joy to feelings of disbelief in the past half-day since it took place. I strongly disapprove of Bush, but I was also highly skeptical of Kerry before the debates. What I saw during the debates blew me away.

Bush was abyssmal: stuttering, flustered, defensive, and did not appear to have a strong command of the facts. Whenever Bush spoke I actually felt uncomfortable and embarassed. I didn't vote for him in 2000, but I love my country and I was extremely embarassed to have him as my President. I thought about other countries watching the debate, and how they must think we are a nation of fools to support him.

In sharp contrast, Kerry was wonderful. He was poised, assured, forceful, intelligent, and spoke with focus and clarity. The debate could not have been any more one-sided: it was a shutout victory for Kerry. For the very first time, I looked at him and thought: "I hope this man becomes my President". There is overwhelming evidence that Kerry won the debates in most peoples' minds, both in America and around the world.

Bloomberg reports: "Kerry Won Debate, Instant Polls and Focus Group Find"
Instant polls by the Gallup Organization, ABC News and CBS News found Kerry ahead by as much as 16 percentage points on the question of who won the debate. Five of the 18 voters in the focus group said they moved from undecided to supporting Kerry, Luntz said in a press release. None switched to Bush.
The Associated Press reports: "World take on U.S. presidential debate: First round to Kerry"
In Russia, Italy and Sweden, media Web sites declared Bush's Democratic challenger the winner in the debate, but some said that may not be enough for a comeback in the polls.
ABC News reports: "3 Polls Show Kerry Won Debate Over Bush"
Three post-debate polls suggested voters who watched the policy-driven confrontation Thursday night were impressed by Kerry. Most of those surveyed said he did better than Bush.
MSNBC reports: "Campaigning, polls follow presidential debate"
45 percent of a sample of registered voters thought Kerry won, compared with 36 percent for Bush... among uncommitted voters, a CBS News poll found that 43 percent thought Kerry came out ahead while 28 percent said Bush was the winner.
Despite the overwhelming evidence of Kerry's victory, much of the media shows amazing bias in favor of Bush by inexplicably proclaiming a "tie" or "no clear winner" in the debate. Here's a prime example. The Christian Science Monitor's headline proclaims: "Global reaction: No clear debate winner" which seems to indicate a tie for Bush against Kerry. However, if you read the actual article, it's nothing but quotes from people around the world asserting Kerry's victory. Is the headline even remotely justified, in light of the article's content?
In an analysis for the BBC, correspondent Rob Watson said Sen. Kerry was able to "strike some serious blows against the president in his handling of the war in Iraq...."

The Guardian said that Kerry had "regained the initiative" in a "forceful performance," sometimes leaving the president "scowling and at a loss for words.... On several occasions, Mr. Bush could be seen sour-faced and nervous in reaction to some of Mr. Kerry's remarks."

The Times of India, writes that Kerry showed "great élan in outmaneuvering President Bush," and offered better solutions to the topics that were being debated.
Those are quotes from the very same article whose headline proclaimed "no clear winner". That's not the truth; it's a clear attempt to mislead the public because they know that many people only read the headlines. Countless other headlines today have echoed the same, false message.

The moral of the story? First of all, watch the debates for yourself. Secondly, don't believe the media when they call something like this a "tie". Kerry was the clear winner and it wasn't close.

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