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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

The Sci-Fi Channel brought back their critically-acclaimed series Farscape for a 4-hour miniseries, of which the first two hours aired tonight.

Sci-Fi will be re-airing the first installment tonight at 1AM Eastern / 12PM Central (running two hours), as well as tomorrow at 7/6PM before the second installment. If you haven't seen the series or just want a refresher, the Sci-Fi Channel website has a concise "primer" set up to fill you in on the series' plot.
Farscape, critically acclaimed throughout its run, was cancelled by the Sci-Fi Channel under immense fan protest two years ago. The website Save Farscape raised enough money in its campaign to place a prime-time television ad, apparently to no avail. After a rumored anime series to be produced by ADV Films (who release the series on DVD) failed to show, fans were delighted by news of a mini-series that would pick up where the fourth season finale left off - a cliffhanger.

The miniseries has been garnering significant media attention in the past few days and was reviewed very highly; the fan response after the initial airing has taken down several major fan-run Farscape sites, and the Sci-Fi Channel's official forum is having issues as well. Take that, Sci-Fi executives who said that no one watched the show! We can only hope that the ratings are proof as well. In spite of some minor complaints I might give, the first installment of the miniseries has plenty to offer to fans and would be accessible even for those who have seen very little (or none) of the original seasons. Creatures by the Jim Henson company and rich production values are highlights of this action-packed, intelligent, and witty series with some of the best writing and acting ever to grace SF television or film. It's a unique science fiction vision and I cannot recommend it highly enough, including to people who are not "hardcore" SF fans.

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